Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson

Jackie started on pasedena College and played in all sports and in a few years he was a four time athlete and he was famous for it But later on he joined the army in 1942 through1944 and he had a rough time because there was only "white " men in the army . they kicked him out for being an African- American and had to ride the bus home.When he came back he started playing baseball and he became famous for baseball and then he was told that he was a good player and then Hector Racine, from Brooklyn Dodgers general manager, Branch Rickey, saw him play and they wanted to get him to play with the white team and he did and then he was so famous the other "black'' people played to play with the orthers to didn't like it but they had to deal with it in a few years everyone was ok with it now everyone can play baseball .

Early life

Jackie Robinson was born in poverty with his 3 brothers and 1 sister .His Father(Jerry Robinson)left his Mother(Mallie Robinson )to rasie the children alone.While she was a maid for a "white" family and had to feed and and take care of 5 children.

Impact on Us

His impact was that he made the basball socity with ''Black'' people go to join the white and mix with them and they didn't like but he still went throught it and eventually in a long time they made him. And now everyone can play baseball even people with different skins .: )



Jackie Robinson


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