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Jackie Robinson

Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson always dreamed of playing baseball. He began his career in the Negro Leagues. These were leagues for African Americans. They were not allowed to play in the major leagues. One day the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers asked Jackie if he would be willing to break the color barrier and play for the Dodgers. He agreed.Jackie and his family faced hate and racism. Threats were made against them and players and fans shouted terrible insults to Jackie. He was brave and just kept playing. It is because of his bravery that men of color can play in the major leagues today. We owe a lot to Jackie.


1919 - Jackie is born1942 - Joins U.S. Army1945 - Plays in Negro League1947 - Breaks Color Barrier1962 - Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame1972 - Jackie dies

* Jackie left college to earn money for his family. * When he entered the U.S. Army, he was treated unfairly because of the color of his skin.* Jackie played for the Brooklyn Dodgers for 10 years. He experienced unfair treatment.* He was the first African American elected into the Hall of Fame.

Lasting Impact

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play major league baseball. He broke the color barrier.


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Jackie steals home!


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