Jackie Robinson- Darin Dubois

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Jackie Robinson- Darin Dubois

One of the Affrican American baseball players of all time was Jackie Robinson.

childhoodWhen Jackie & his family moved to California, the older kids didn't want Jackie to play with them. One day, an older brother(Mack) piped up,"What about Jackie?" He suprised everybody wich made Mack proud.

Collage yearsJackie tried out for many sports in colege. He tried out for track, football, & baseball. He was more sucsessful at football than track & more sucsessful at baseball than football.

AdulthoodFrom the first time I stepped on a major league field, I was loved & hated. You want to Know why? It was all because of the color of my skin. I was supposed to be in the Negro Leagues.

Baseball yearsJackie was 1 of the best affrican american ball players in the negro leagues. That is how I got called up to the major leagues. the major leagues were for WHITE only. The highest league for colored people was the negro leagues.

Major LeaguesIn the 1940's, I made history. I had broken the color barrier for baseball. Next thing you, I was getting hate letters. Some even thretend to kill me! People learned to deal with me beeing colored. I also made it into the Hall Of Fame.


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