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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

Early Facts*Jackie Robinson did track, played basketball, football and baseball. That made Jackie a well known superstar at a really young age.*Him and his family suffured in the great depression*When he was in college Jackies brother Frankie died in a Motor cycle crash.*Once Frankie died Jackie payed more attention to his sports to keep Frankies death off of his mind

adulthood *Jackie got drafted by the U.S. Army*Jackie got sent to trial by not leaving his seat because of him sitting with a girl who looked white but was not*Once trail was done he went to kentucky for the army.*He met a guy who was on a negro baseball league and he let Jackie join the team

Little known facts*Jackie went to trial*Baseball was not his favorite sport*Football was his favorite sport*When he went in the negro league he had not played baseball three years

This was important to Jackie Robinson because he was the first African Amercian to play major league baseball. It was his best sport but not his favorite.

Date of birth: Jan. 31 1919Date of death: Oct. 24 1972

Meaning full quote"Life is not a spectator sport if you are going to spend your whole life in the grandstard just watching what goes on, in my opinion you are wasting your life"This quote was important to me because it told me to be involved in the sports I play.

3 questions *When you went to the MLB how did you feel when everyone was being racist?*If African Amercians were able to play football would you have played football instead?*How do u think baseball changed from when you played then today?

ContributionJackie Robinson is important to me because he made it possible for African Amercians to play baseball. Jackie Robinson had the potiental to play any major sport if African Amercians where allowed. Jackie served for our country. Jackie would never stop playing no matter how mean the critics were to him. Jackie had gone through some bad times and still managed to play sports well. Jackie led the dodgers to there first world series win. Finally Jackie is important to me because he was the MVP of the MLB though people made him think he was not welcome.

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