[2014] Caylee Whitehorn: Jackie Robinson

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[2014] Caylee Whitehorn: Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson1919 - 1972

By: Caylee Whitehorn

Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson was born on January 31, 1919. He was born in Cairo, Geogia and died in Stamford, Connecticut. He played second base for the Brooklyn Dodgers and batted right handed. His batting average was .311 and had 1,518 hits. He started playing with the Dodgers when he was 28, and played with them for 10 seasons. He was a big Civil Rights activist because he was the first black person to play in the MLB. His major league debut made an end to sixty years of baseball segregation. He was #42 and they also made a movie about him called "42", a biography of his life. He graduated from Washington Junior High School and enrolled at John Muir High School. He was the youngest of six siblings born to Jerry and Mallie Robinson. His wife's name was Rachel Robinson. He had three children by the time he died. He died on October 24, 1972 at age 53.

Jackie Robinson:Mini Biography

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