Jack the Ripper

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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

The victims of Jack the Ripper were

MARTHA TABRAM Murdered - August 7th 1888

MARY NICHOLS Murdered August 31st 1888MARY NICHOLS Murdered August 31st 1888

ANNIE CHAPMAN Murdered 8th September 1888

ELIZABETH STRIDE Murdered 30th September 1888

CATHERINE EDDOWES Murdered - 30th September 1888

MARY KELLY Murdered 9th November 1888

ALICE MCKENZIE Murdered 17th July 1889

FRANCES COLES Murdered 13th February 1891

1) These murders were the fist to ever become famous world-wide.

2) People are still unsure who Jack the Rippers first and last vicims were.

3) All of Jack the Rippers victims were women.

Jack the Ripper is a serial killer. He murdered 8 women. He killed them in time period of 1888 through 1891. Police never knew why he killed these women. Jack the Ripper was never caught. People still think that he is alive and haunting White chapel. Is he?

A picture of Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper walking away from a victim

Poster for Jack the Ripper movie

Jack the Ripper hovering over one of his victims

Jack the Ripper looking at Big Ben


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