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Jack Johnson

He made his deput on November, 1st, 1898.Thourghout his career Johnson made his own fighting style of his own, which was custamry at his time. On February 25, 1901 Jack fought Joe Choynski in Gavlveston, Choynski, a popular heavyweight but sadly Johnson did not win he was knocked out on the third round. One day Johnson beat the black heavyweight champ Frank Child's on October 21st, 1902.


He won some many bocixin match so we are goin to show his victorys won, Towny ross, Kid Culter, and Ben Tayler. Jack won his first title on febuuary 3rd 1903 after beating Devener Ed. For more that 13 years he was the most famous and norotoris African American.

Jack Johnson was a amrican boxer he was given his the nickname Galveston Giant. He was born on march 31st, 1878 Galveston, Texas.He died june 10, 1946Franklin, NC he wa baerried at graceland cementary, chicago, IL. His full name was John Arthur Johnson. He was in 104 total fights and 73 of them are wins but only 40 are by KO. He has only 13 loses in all of his fights know to man. Johnson was born as a third childout of nine kids his oldest brother was Henry. He was born a slave but later on in his life he would help fight off the jim crow era. He had a dream to become the world weight champion. Black and white boxer could fight but sadly black boxer where no allowed to compet.

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