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Jack Dempsy

Jacks Boxing CarrerWhen Jack first started he only boxxed in mining towns untill 1919. In 1919 Jack took the opportunity to fight against theheavy weight champion Jess Willard. even though Jess had a large size advantage, Jack still used his quickness and knocked out the champion in the third round. Next jack defended his heavy weight tittle five times over six years which was one of the greatest runs in boxing history. Jack was defeated on september 23rd, 1926 by Gene Tunney in front of a record crowd that consisted of 120,000 fans.

Jacks ChildhoodJack grew up working very hard. He got his first job of picking crops at age eight. At age 12 he dropped out of school to work full time to shine shoes, pick crops, work a sugar refinery, and unload beets for 10 cents a ton. Next Jack became a cowboy, boxer and miner with his older brother and dad. Jack traveled through minning towns to pick up and fights he could.


Jack Dempsy defeating the much larger Jess Willard.

Were Jacks Gloves Loaded?After the fight Willard lost six teeth, suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and had multiple factial fractures. Many people beleived that it was impossible to cause that much damage with just fists and that he used plastered gloves or a iron spike in his gloves. Jack did not plaster his gloves because the plaster just would have cracked and broken hi own hand. It is not likely that he used an iron spike because his gloves were inspected after the fight. Many people also think that Jack was involved in a bet that he would knock out Willard in th efirst round so he used a iron spike and then disposed of it after the first round when the referee was counting down Willard. That theory is unlikely because the camera and the audince would have seen him throw an iron spike off of the ring. In my opinion i do not belive that Jack dempsey cheated.

Jack Dempsey defending his heavyweight title

A portrait of Jack dempsey after he recieved the heavyweight title

Jack Dempsey, losing his heavyweight title to Gene Tunney

Jack Dempsey on the front page of Time Magazine

Jack Dempsey fighting Jess Willard

Jack V.S. WillardMany peopleto this day believe that Jack Dempseys gloves were loaded when he faught the heavy weight champion Jess Willard. Jack defeated Willard in the third round and caused an extrodinary amount of damage to Willards face. Even though jack was only 24 and that was his first pro fight Jack delt one of the worst beatings in boxing history.


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