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Jack Dailey response

Jack Dailey Responses

Franchesca Dance - Her glog is colorful, and fun. She explained why people danced to clear their mind of the war. Also used for entertainment. All of the dances we have to day were from those of the 1920's.

Kayle Robert Frost - Grew up in San Fransico, He was a famouse author in the 1920's. Had a baby boy, who ended up pasing away of sickness. One of his famouse poems The Road not taken. His poems still impacted people today.

Lily Smith Ella Fitzgerald - Famous Jazz Singe. A tisket A Taskt was one of her most famouse songs. Refered to as the first lady of song, which was a great honor. She worked with louise Armstrong, there most famouse song was you can't take that away from me. Her songs still live with us today, she inspired many women to sing.

Cole Prohibition - The 18th amendment which mad alchole illegal. Women and religious group were strongly for it. Many people continued to drink, people sold it such as bootlegers. Crime went up, gangsters came about, and Prohibition back fired. Impacted today, because the oppiste is starting to happen with marijuana.

Chance Babe Ruth - as a kid Babe Ruth was just another trouble maker. He sat out n the deck spitting tobaco and bothering the police man. He becasme such a problem his parents sent him to st. Marys for boys. He is known today as one off the best baseball players of all time, and the home run king.

Caroline Fashion - Fashionn was use as a great way to clear womens mind of the war. The clothes used then greatly impacted today cause we still see clothes inspired by those of then. The flapper was a dress worn then when dancing the charlsten to cover the knee.

liz lie detector and trafic lights - were both made in the 1920's. Now there are pocket lie detectors. Stop lights back then were much more comlex and included arms that told people when to cross.

Kyle Louise Arm Strong - Grew up really poor, lived in bad areas, and did bad things. He was sent to a juvinial school, where his career started. In juvy he started to learn how to play music and grew his love for the art. His famous songs such as the saints go marching in, and what a wonderful world, are still huge parts of are music world.

John Ives Gangsters - Were started in the 1920's, because they wanted to form gorups to perform robberys. They used weapons such as tommy guns, and brass knuckels. Famous gangsters nclude Al Capon and Tommy Gun Kelly.

Hanna Henry Ford - Henry Ford was the irst to make a car. His dream was to make the car affordable, because at the first tey took to long to make and therfore they were to expensive. He thwn made an assembly line so the cars were put together fastr making the cheaper so everyone could afford. Ford is still a major car industry.

John Langston Hughes - Born on febuary 1st ,1902 in Missoury. Raised by his grandmother. Became part of the Harlem Renesonts. He wrote about things that actualy mattered to him that rflect lifes and times of the 1920's. Died in New York City on May 22nd 1967 at the age of 65.

Sig F.B.I - It is a very hard process to become and F.B.I agent, and there is only a small chance you will be choosenn. It stand for the federal beurow of Investigation. The F.B.I is still a huge part of our criminal system. Al capone was one of their most wanted during the 1930's,

Olivia Herbert Hoover - Won the presedential election by a lot, but was to the people wa a dioppointmen. He was blamed for the great depresion. Therefore lost the election the following terms. Our government has learned from this because the now know how to not deal with are bad economy.

Steven Lie detector and the rocket - the rocket was invented by Eobert Goddard. The lie detector was incented by John California. They were both invented in the 1920's, and have been improved and used often toay


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