[2015] Brandon Pocchio (2nd period Adv. Lit/Comp): Jack and Jill

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[2015] Brandon Pocchio (2nd period Adv. Lit/Comp): Jack and Jill

Jack and JillBy: James Patterson 

Jack and Jill came to the hill, to kill kill kill. This simple phrase has been haunting the world ever since Senator Fitzpatrick was killed and celebrities have now become targets for Jack and Jill. They earned the name because at every murder they leave a small poem on the victim. Simultaneously, a small African American child has been beaten to death yet no one seems to care, except Detectives Alex Cross and John Sampson. The killings had two different feels to them, a clean headshot to the senator and a crime of pure rage to little Shanelle Green. Alex Cross is then called to the scene of another Jack and Jil crime, the murder of Natalie Sheehen. After another child is murdered Alex sets up his own group of detectives, including his friend Sampson, to chase this child killer, so that he may focus on Jack and Jill. Alex begins to have feelings for the principal of the school, the murdered children went to, Mrs. Johnson. Michael Robinson, a famous actor, is then murdered and Alex is called to the scene. After investigating the scene, Alex is called to the White House to speak with the president who is starting to worry about his safety. We are then introduced to Kevin Hawkens who sets a bomb off in an airport, killing an important businessman named Mr. Tanaka. After Alex visits the funerals of the two dead children, Hawkins is shown firing at and killing one of Supreme Court Justice Thomas Franklin's lady "friends". Alex is called to the scene of the crime, but is confused because the victim isn't famous at all, just a simple law student. A theory than is thought of that Jack may actually be apart of the CIA which Alex has been working with. Sampson visits a military school near the school of the two child victims and spoke to the students not knowing that the killer was so close. Jack decides to go solo to kill General Aiden Cornwall, but unexpectedly the general's son comes out his room while Jack is killing the general forcing Jack to quiet the child the only way he knew how. It is revealed that Jill apparently got through to the White House's private line and left the message, "Mr. President, are you ready to die?" The story cuts to an admin of an online forum who is examining a user who is claiming to have killed the children. Her advisor says they should call a detective and so she calls John Sampson. Sampson calls Alex and they investigate the home of the user that the profile belonged to. They break down the door of the bedroom of the killer and laying on the bed is the missing blouse of Shanelle Green and a message reading "Nobody is gone". Alex reports back to the White House and is preparing to interrogate members of the CIA in hopes of finding Jack. First on his list is Kevin Hawkins. Kevin Hawkens attempts to run and manages to escape both the FBI and Alex. Alex is called back to the president's office the next day where the president against his advisors better judgement decides to go back on his regular schedule in an attempt to not show fear towards Jack and Jill. The books cuts back to the child killer who breaks into his foster parent's house where he proceeds to shoot them dead while they sleep. Another murdered child has been discovered and when Alex and Sampson arrive at the scene they discover it to be Sumner Moore the boy who was supposed to be the child killer. Alex is then informed that the president is traveling to New York City and Alex is to go with him. What will happen to the president? Who is the true killer of the children and most importantly who are Jack and Jill?



Jack and Jill: The mysterious couple that is murdering the rich and famous throughout the country. Jack is suspected to be a member of the CIA and Jill's identity is unkown. Jack is emotionless and precise and Jill uses her emotions and looks to kill their targets. "Jack and Jill came to the hillTo right another errorTo make it shortHer news reportWas filled with her own terror"

Alex Cross: A detective who uses psychology to solve cases and decipher the killer's motives, next move and identity. He is a father of two and cares deeply for those around him and is very persistent in his cases. He is very intelligent as well and occasionally lightens up and makes jokes. " The killing suggest he's in a rage state, and yet he's fairly careful. Now he's reaching out for help? He's virtually leading us to his doorstep? I don't know if I get that. And I don't like it too much, either. That's what I'm feeling so far, partner."


The Sojourner Truth School Killer: A demented child killer trying to prove that he is better than Jack and Jill. His name comes from the fact that he seems to kill children mostly from the Sojourner Truth School. Unlike Jack and Jill who's crimes are all about precision, his crimes seem to be those of pure rage. He seems to have a strange addiction to the phrase Happy Happy Joy Joy. He also sees himself as a nobody. " It was so goofy it was great. Reminded him of a good joke: Roses are red/violets are blue/ I'm schizophrenic/and so am I. Hardy har!"

The book takes place in dreary Washington D.C where crime is a norm and the weather is more frightful than delightful. The book also briefly takes the reader to New York City, but very quickly returns to D.C.. The time period the book take place in is the early 1990's.

My thoughts about the book and my conclusion about the quality of the book


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