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J K glog 6B

Johnny Scaturro King Ripley 6B 11/14/11

Poverty in America

Poverty is having not as much as needed. People all over America have this problem. People who are in poverty don't have jobs and not very nice homes. These people are limited in food and water.

Poverty in America connects to our theme "Opening Our Doors to Christ" because people open their doors for homeless people to give them homes. They give them a shelter, food, and water. Some people are giving money to homeless people too.

http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=POVERTY+IN+AMERICA+IMAGES&view=detail&id=B840884D50EA2705E41AF9B2A3D77AECCC0BC0E7&first=0 Bibliographyhttp://www.bing.com/images/search?q=poverty+in+america&view=detail&id=01D3383EA38F54E760C9417AC8BC4E7730D3BFE6&first=0&qpvt=poverty+in+america&FORM=IDFRIRhttp://www.bing.com/images/search?q=poverty+in+america&view=detail&id=90807BF0A3193C1801ED7D66BD4C1D694C39B20D&first=121&FORM=IDFRIR

Dear President, Poverty in America is becoming a big problem for some people. People are without jobs and can't afford homes, food, and water. There are people living in tents and living on the side of the road. We need to raise money for those in need of food and water. If we can do this then we will save millions of people without homes. Thank you Johnny Scaturro

Dear President,i hope you have heard about poverty in the USA. It is growing promblem in the Untied States. Half of the people in the United States are poor. They also don't have any water or food. Thank you King Ripley

Povert in America connects to our school theme "Opening Our Doors to Christ" because we open our doors to the homeless by giving them shelter, food, and water. We also pray for all of those people so they find jobs and live a better life. We can do good deeds for those in poverty and jobless. These people are suffering and we can pray and make shelters for them.

Dear God Help all of the men, women, and children that are homeless. Help them find a home and find food, water, and money. Help those who don't have jobs find one. Please help all of the people in need and teach others who need to be taught. Teach others to give to the ones in need. Tell everyone to love eachother and respect eachother nomatter how different you are. We pray that the homeless find a great place to live and have a great life. Amen


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