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J. Haydn

Franz Joseph Haydn was a classical music's composer who was born on 31st March 1732 in Rohrau, Austria.His parents were Mathias Haydn and Maria Haydn. His brothers and sisters were Michael , Johann Evangelist, Anna Maria and Franzisk, Anna Katherina.Haydn’s wife was Maria Anna Aloysia Apollonia Keller and they had a son called Alois Anton Nikolaus Polzelli.


When he was young, he worked in churches, playing viola in serenading parties and composing when he could. He worked for the prince Esterhazy, a Hungarian music lover, during thirty years by composing symphonies and other works. When the prince died, he took time to travel and he went to London, where he realized how popular he was.

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Franz Joseph Haydn



31st March 1732 - 31st May, 1809

In 1803 he stopped composing and he died on the 31st May 1809, at the age of 77, in Vienna.

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