J. Edgar Hoover

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J. Edgar Hoover


famous for.....

January 1, 1895 - birth of J. Edgar Hoover.May 10, 1924 J. Edgar Hoover begins his legacy with the FBI 1930's-He became famous May 2,1972- the death of J. Edgar Hoover.

Hoover is famous for building the F.B.I. into one of the worlds outstanding law inforcement agencies. He established the worlds largest fingerprint file, a crime labratory and a training academy. Hoover first became famous when the F.B.I. tracked down some of the most famous gangsters durring the 1930's.

impact on the U.S.

Hoover set the standard for the FBI. He built the FBI into one of the most outstanding law inforcements in the world. Hoover established numerous procedures and techniques that would make the FBI known for it's criminal arrests. He really improved the FBI by doing a lot of things to help it like the fingerprint dystem we wouldn't have it without Hoover.


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J. Edgar Hoover

Hoover was born on January 1, 1895 in washington DC. He died on May 2, 1972. Hoover lived and worked in Washington as the FBI director for 48 years.


interesting facts

1.Hoover is one of the longest sevring members of any execuitve branch in U.S history.2.He attended George Washington University.3.Hoover was appointed to director by Harlan Fiske Stone.


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