Iyanna & Alexis A.

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Social Studies
American History

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Iyanna & Alexis A.

U.S. Involvement


World War 1



(M)ilitarism, (A)lliances, (I)mperalism, & (N)ationalismThe Assassination of Franz Ferdinad Alliances were formed: The Triple Entente & The Central Powers

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Causes of the War

The Lusitania

The Impact

The government used conscription(force) military service to fight the war. The Espionage Act of 1917 made it legal to try people for not being loyal to the government.Over one million people died while fighting this war.

The Treaty of Versailles (1919) ended the war. It required the central powers to pay a hefty reparations to the Allies.

The End of the War

1.The Lusitania had been sunk, killing hundreds of American citizens.2. The Zimmerman Telegram was sent by Germans asking Mexico to help the German war effort. The Germans would aid them in getting their land back from the U.S.



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