Ivo Andric by Natalija and Nikola

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Ivo Andric by Natalija and Nikola

Ivo Andric was born on 9th October 1891, in a small town near Travnik.

Ivo Andricby Natalija and Nikola

After his father died, he was raised by his aunt Ana and her husband Ivan in the town of Visegrad on river Drina.

He went to Gymnasuim in Travnik, followed by Sarajevo's gymnasium and later he studied philosophy and history at the University of Zagreb.

After returning from Kharkov, he got arrested for being a member of Young Bosnia movement, which was responsible for assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

The most significant works of his are:-The Bridge on the Drina (Na Drini cuprija)-The Woman from Sarajevo (Gospodjica)-Aska and the Wolf (Aska i vuk)

While he was in prison, he started his literary career by writing a book of prose and poems. After he was given amnesty in 1917 he went to Visegrad and he published his first book titled 'Ex Ponto'.

In 1961 Serbian newspapers published that Ivo Andric was the best candidate for Nobel prize. Seven days later, on 26th October, he won a Nobel prize for literature.

Due to blood vessel problems, he died on 13th of March 1975.



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