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Ivan Today

Ivan the Terrible Today

Name and Residence:Ivan the TerribleThe SmithsonianOccupation:None currently but he is in the process of taking over the world

Home/LifestyleChaotic at the moment because he is trying to kill Larry Daley a nightguard

Signifigant others/ Friends :His friends: NapoleanA pharoh Al CaponeEnemy:Larry DaleyAbraham Lincoln

Wardrobe Ivan the Terrible still dresses the way he did during his reign over Russia.

Hobbies:Ivan still loves to yell and when he sees Larry, he loves to say, " Make him dead!"

Political Beliefs:Ivan believes since he was once a great ruler, in his eyes, should still be able to rule again.

Social Media Sites:Ivan has a blog on the Smithsonian website telling the nation all about himself. He aslo loves to take selfies in a large pile of gold for his facebook status.

Religious Afilliation: he doesn't know anymore becuase the orthodox religion is not "hip" anymore.



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