Ivan The Terrible

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Ivan The Terrible


Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584)- in 1547 became the first Russian ruler to be crowned czar. Known for cruelty, he created a stronger and more centralized government and expanded Russia's territory.

Why terrible?Ivan ruled with a deep-seated paranoia and ruthlessness; it's said that he gouged out the eyes of the architects who built St. Basil's so that a cathedral of such beauty could never again be created.

Ivan IV became grand prince in 1533 after his father, Basil III, died. Ivan was only 3 years old at the time, and for a number of years nobles fought for control the government.

Ivan the Terrible had a complex personality. Intelligent, yet prone to outbreaks of uncontrollable rage, Ivan's tragic background contributed to his infamous behavior.

Ivan began to rule independently in 1547, he conquered vast lands southeast of Moscow along the Volga River and opened trade with England

Ivan the Terrible after killing his son out of rage.November 16, 1581.

Tsar Ivan the Terrible asks hiegumen Kornily to admit him into monks.


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