Ivan the Terrible

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Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible (Russia)

Place of Birth: Kolomenskoye, Duchy of Muscovy, RussiaPlace of Death: Moscow, Russia

BIRTH DATE: August 25, 1530DEATH DATE: March 18, 1584

Ruling Period and Family Ivan the terrible, or Ivan 4, was the grandson of Ivan the Great.Ivan the terrible ruled 1533-1584. Ivan the Terriblewas the first tsar.

Famous Quotes" I will not see the destruction of the Christian converts who are loyal to me, and to my last breath I will fight for the Orthodox faith."– Ivan the Terrible"May I be damned! I've killed my son! I've killed my son!"– Ivan the Terrible

Religious Afilliation:Orthodox

Economic Policy/ IssueWhen Ivan the Terrible held power, he controlled everything by using fear. When he disliked someone he would have them arrested and put in jail. Afterwards he would treat them to a cruel punishment such as: throwing that person that he disliked into a cage full of starving dogs and be ripped apart.

Political PolicyIn 1547 Ivan also appointed the Selected Council, largely dominated by men of modest social standing. He allowed himself to be both directed and restrained by this Council, even agreeing to do nothing without its approval.The Law Code of 1550 was another important reform of the early part of Ivan's reign. It was concerned primarily with discouraging the use of customary law in the courts, and it introduced the principle of statutory law.

Enemies Khanates of Kazan Astrakhan near the Wolga River.In 1558 he conquered the Baltic cities Narva and Polotsk

Important buildingTsar Ivan IV marked every victory of the Russo-Kazan War by erecting a wooden memorial church next to the walls of Trinity Church; One year later, Ivan ordered construction of a new stone cathedral on the site of Trinity Church that would commemorate his campaigns.

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