Ivan Pavlov

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Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov was a learnin theorist who spent most of his time dedicated to psychology and scienceThe Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1904 was awarded to Ivan Pavlov "in recognition of his work on the physiology of digestion, through which knowledge on vital aspects of the subject has been transformed and enlarged."Pavlov is most known for:Classical conditioningTransmarginal inhibitionBehavior modificationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhqumfpxuzI

Ivan Pavlov

"The primary tenet of behaviorism is that psychology should concern itself with the observable behavior of people and animals, not with unobservable events that take place in their minds. Behaviors like this can be described scientifically without recourse either to internal physiological events or to hypothetical constructs such as thoughts and beliefs."



Behaviorism is the science of behavior that focuses on observable behavior only, it is also an approach to psychology that combines elements of philosophy, methodology, and theory. It emerged in the early twentieth century as a reaction to "mentalistic" psychology, which often had difficulty making predictions that could be tested using rigorous experimental methods.


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