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Ivan Pavlov

Nobel Peace Prize winner1904

Pavlov introduced food with the ringing of a bell. After that, the bell ringing triggered salivation even without food.

Classical ConditioningThis is a way to change a child (or anyone's) behavior through conditioning. A stimulus is introduced at certain times. The child links the stimulus with a response.

Ivan Pavlov

Example* Child throws tantrum* Child gets punishedNow the child learns what happens when they throw tantrums and won't throw them anymore.


Discovered salivation and the stomach are closely linked by reflexes in the nervous system.

Born Sept. 14, 1849Died Feb. 27, 1936From Ryazan, Russia

Tested an external stimulus: BellIt triggered salivation in the dog.

Conditional reflexes can occur when a responses becomes AUTOMATIC after several experiences where the same thing occurs.

Gave way for more studies on human interaction



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