It's More Than Just A Song

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It's More Than Just A Song

It's more than just a song

From decade to decade, everything changes...

Time Line

It's everywhere!

The cassette tape is one of several magnetic recording mediums that have been used throughout the years. It consists of two tape spools housed in a plastic cassette for protection.

Music technology is now out to the public and can be played in many languages all around the world. Whether it's on your phone, radio, computer, TV, etc... you have the access to it.

Kozo Ohsone, general manager of the Sony Tape Recorder Business Division, created the first ever Sony Walkman

Controlled using a mechanical scroll wheel, a center select button, and 4 auxiliary buttons around the wheel.


Flat disks!


First casette tape!



The original Sony Walkman!



Emile Berliner invented the flat disc record. These very first discs were produced of a vulcanised rubber and were between 12.5cm and 18cm in diameter.

The Walkman is a small cassette player with a pair of lightweight headphones.

Philips introduced a prototype in Europe in August 1963 but the casette came out in 1964, the following year.

The original Steve Jobs' Apple iPod broke new ground in the portable MP3 player market


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