Its Kind Of A Funny Story

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Its Kind Of A Funny Story

Its Kind Of A Funny Story

Author: Ned Vizzini


Criag starts to befriend Bobby at the psychiatric hospital and finds a new crush, Noelle. Together, they heal and relate with one another. Craig's doctor talks to him about going back to school. Craig is still hesiant, but Dr.Minerva suggests an art school because of craig's new love of making maps. Craig soon comes back home and keeps in touch with Noelle. He sees all the little happy things in hs life.

CharactersCraig Gilner ~ A 15 year old boy. he attends a pre-professional high school and has been slacking off ever since he passed the admissions test. he has an eating disorder and depression. takes zoloft to keep from suicidal thoughts. Soon after an episode he had, he started to live in a psychiatric hospital. There he meets Bobby nad Noelle.Noelle ~ A patient at the psychiatric hospital. Craig has a crush on her an befriends her. She also had suicidal thoughts and has scars on her face from scissors. Bobby ~ A friend of Criag's in the psychiatric hospital. But has a mysterious past.Nia ~ A frind of Craig's since he was little. He had the biggest crush on her, but she is his best friend's girl friend. She is one of the reasons why he is so depressed. Aaron ~ Craig's Best friend since childhood. he is dating Craig's ultimate crush, Nia.

Settings ~ In upper -middle class Brooklyn, New York (suburban) ~ At a Phsyciatric hospital.

Problem and ConflictCraig feels over whelmed with his life attending a pre - professional high school and falling behind his work. hos best friend is dating the "love of his life" and feels alienated by that fact. he also has depression and developes an eating disorder. he soon has had enough and has a suicidal attempt . After that he attends a psychiatric hospital.

Main Events~ Criag is hanging out with friends and starts to feel bad in the bathroom~ Craig starts to see Dr. Minerva for depression. ~ The big epsode happens~ Craig is checked into a psychiatric hospital. ~ Bobby befriends Craig~ Noelle Befriends Craig~ Dr. Minerva Suggests art school~ Craig comes back home and goes to art school.

My Opinion I thought the book was great! I love abnormal behavior books and seeing the things the characters feel. Plus the movie is pretty good!


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