It's Hip to be Square! Lesson 4: Fracture!

by ArtisticDesireJoel
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It's Hip to be Square! Lesson 4: Fracture!

Using only your own image

Using yourself and a Cubist art work

Word Of The Day!Triptych: a set of three paintings or images, each on a separate leaf, but hinged together.

In this practical lesson, the opportunity to create a digital manipulated artwork for the end of semester exhibition shall arise. Utilising the app 'Fracture', you must create a triptych using images of only yourself, yourself and a celebrity, and yourself and a cubist artwork. Examples have been provided. We will connect your images next lesson to create the triptych.

It's Hip to be Square!Lesson 4: Fracture!

In Cubism, in the end what was important is what one wanted to do, the intention one had. And that one cannot paint. (Pablo Picasso)

Using yourself and a celebrity

Girl with Mandolin- Pablo Piccaso

Practical Lesson!

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