It's Hip to be Square! Lesson 1: An Introduction to Cubism

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It's Hip to be Square! Lesson 1: An Introduction to Cubism

It's Hip to be Square: An Introduction to Cubism

Questions:Why was Cubism started, and what had it challenged?Why was Cubism 'the new way of seeing'? In this sense, is Cubism avant-garde?What was it about Cezanne's approach to painting that had fascinated and inspired Cubists?What does a typical cubist painting depict? What techniques are used to make it 'cubist'?Why did the Cubists draw on different cultures for art? What qualities of foreign art appealed to them?

What is Cubism?

Portrait of Ambroise VollardPablo Picasso1910Oil on Canvas

Bibemus QuarryPaul Cezanne1895Oil on Canvas

Le Viaduc à L'Estaque (The Viaduct at L'Estaque)Georges Braque1908Oill on Canvas

Femme un pleurs(Weeping Woman)Pablo PicassoOil on Canvas1937

Answer the Questions

The Three MusiciansPablo Picasso1921Oil on Canvas

Word of the Day!Avant-garde [ˌævɒŋˈgɑːd (French) avɑ̃gard]those artists, writers, musicians, etc., whose techniques and ideas are markedly experimental or in advance of those generally accepted

CUBISM: The complete denial of Classical Conceptions of Beauty


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