"It's a Matter of Decency"

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"It's a Matter of Decency"

Preben Munch-Nielsen in his own words

It's a Matter of Decency

Historical Footage of the German Presence in Copenhagen, Denmark

Preben Munch-Nielson was born on June 13, 1926 in the small fishing town in Snekkersten, Denmark. When Hitler invaded Denmark in 1940, he began distributing underground publications such as Student's Service News and Information. When the news that Hitler was planning on deporting all the Jews from Denmark was leaked, Preben spread the news, and began to escort families to Danish fishing ships so they could escape to Sweeden. Preben worked for the Elsinore Sewing Company transporting Jewish refugees, Allied pilots, resistance fighters, and intelligence documents to and from Sweeden. Preben eventually had to flee to Sweeden himself after he was warned that the Nazi's were looking for him. He eventually returned to Sweeden after the war.

Danish Rescue Boat used to transport the Jews to Sweeden

"You can't turn your back on people who need your help. It's a matter of decency."

Map of the routes used to transport the Jews from Denmark to Sweeden

Danish fishermen transporting Jews to Sweeden



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