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Ithzak Stern

Ithzak Stern



Lasting Impact

Birth & Death

He was born January 25th,1901 in Austria and died 1969 in Isreal.

Itzhak Stern was a jewish accountant who worked for Oscar Schindler's 'enamelware' company, in Krakow Germany. His financial advice gave Schindler more freedom and privacy from the Nazi party in his business. Allowing him to hire more jews and eventually save their lives.

Alongside Oskar Schindlar, Stern was able to save an estimated 1,200 innocent jewish lives. Stern is actually th one who typed out the names on "Schindler's list", he was the right hand man in the saving of all the jews who were lucky enough to end up working in the facory.


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1939, Oskar schindler met Stern who at the time was an accountant for one of his friends and a fellow member of the nazi party. Schindler showed stern some numbers and ideas for his company... and the rest is history

Stern was able to convince Schindler that it woud be cheaper to employ captured jews than polish laborers,and by the end Stern was forcing new employees on Schindler to save his fellow jews.

They forged documents for, and employed people who would have otherwise been deemed 'nonessential' and in turn saved their lives.


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