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Social Studies

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Geography:~Italy is a boot shaped penninsula and the islands of Sicily.~it is extremely mountainous with few plains and costal lowlands.~it has a active volcanic island called Stromboli~it has lot's of rivers

Government:~The president is Giorgio Napolitano~Italy is a parliamentery republic

People:~Italy's language is Italian.~The main religon is Roman Catholic.~The life expectancy for male and females is 83 years.(Source is world bank)

Traditional Dishes:~One of the most popular is Risotto Alla Milanese which is a rice dish made with saffron~Gelato Alla Crema is a type of ice cream ~Any type of pasta meal is traditional

Common Ingredients:~Pasta is the most popular ingredient~Tomato's~Basil~Cheese~Olive Oil

Holidays and Festivals:~In February the Carnival in Acireale is the oldest carnival style celebration.It involves colorful parade with paper wagons , live music, dancing, and folk performances.~The Befana Festival is on January 5th.It is also called Epiphany eve and it is where a witch leave presents for the children at every house.


Ediquette:~Reserve at least 2 hours for lunch. ~for evening and weekends families are expected to meet and dine together.~meal must include several courses.~when visiting an italian family it is customary not to arrive with empty hands because this will represent a form of disrespect.~the way you dress is very important.

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