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Climate: Predominantly MediteraneanMilan, Italy:Winter- 28-50 degrees FSpring- 37-71.6 degrees FSummer- 62-84 degrees FFall- 46-81 degrees FAvg Rain Fall- 3.05 inchesRome, Italy:Winter -37-60.8 degrees FSpring- 46.4-73.9 degrees FSummer-59-84 degrees FFall- 59-85 degrees FAvg. Rain Fall- 2.8 InchesPalermo, Italy:Winter- 48-66.2 degrees FSpring- 53.6-73.4 degrees FSummer- 71.6-86 degrees FFall- 60.8-80.6 degrees FAvg Rain Fall- 2.4 Inches


Matteo Renzi is Italy's new Prime Minister as of February 22, 2014

Italy's fist African Amercan Minister was voted into office last year (2013)in February

The region Abbruzo in central Italy was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in 2009

Italy's Government-RepublicIt is stable because of its government, economic, and social systems.

Italy's economic system is an industrial economy. It is partially free with government regulation. Employment is Agriculture-3.9%Industry-28.3%Services-67.8%Unemployment-12.9%Italy's GDP per capita is $29,600-average income per person.Literacy rate=99%. 99% of the people can read.

9. Milan is the Fashion Capital in Italy and it was just the start of "MIlan Fashion Week" on Febuary 18-23rd.10. Italy is home to many major designer labels such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna, Prada, Valentino( see image above) Armani, Fendi, and Moschino.

Fun facts about Italy!

A current issue in Italy is immagration, the government has to decide what laws to pass/reform especially with unemploymet rising.

1. 80% of citizens are Christian and theres an overwhelming amount of Roman Catholics.2. The name "Italy" comes from the Greek word "Italos" which means calf. 3. Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world, so tourism plays a huge part in the economy.4. Europe's only 3 active volcanos are located in the south of Italy.5. The most popular sport in Italy is soccer.6. Italy is known for it's amazing food such as pasta dishes.7. The Colosseum in Rome was built in 70 AD8. Italians are usually known for having close families and strong morals.


  • kristenmackenzieireland 7 years ago

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    It was fascinating to learn more about Italy. Ireland and Italy are similar in the way that they have a large amount of Roman Catholics. Italy and Ireland, however, have very different GDP's and interests such as fashion are not very apparent in Ireland. We would love to learn more about the food in Italy because we know food is a major part of culture there and we want to know why!

  • TarunYangSwitzerland 7 years ago

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    This glog really highlights the current state of the Italian country. It provides good information about the current economy and government. I like how there were the names of government officials. However, I wish there were more about the history of Italy. Italy is one of the most historical countries in the world, and nothing much is included in this glog.

  • reeseitaly 7 years ago

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    Thank you for your feedback Tarun and Yang, I wanted to put more current events because we have covered Italy before in previous years and I did not want to bore everyone by putting the same information that most people already heard about! Also, Italy does not make the news as often as other larger countries, so not many people know these events-even though they have all happened within the past 5 years.