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Social Studies

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Fast Facts - It is on the continent of Europe - It's flag colors are green, white, and red - If you look closely at the shape of italy it looks like a boot - Rome is the capital of Italy - The language spoken there is Italian


Map of Italy

Rome, the capital of Italy, is also the largest city in this country! About 60 million people live in Italy today

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (left) and the Colosseum (center) and the canals of Italy (right) are all wonderful places to sight see!

My favorite Italian food is pizza and dessert is cannolis.

Italian pizza. Yum!

Objective: CCSS Geography 3.0 A.1Using Geographic ToolsUse geographic tools to locate and describe places on Earth

In this video a man dresses up as Marco Polo, who was an Italian merchant travler from the 13th century, and asks people on the streets if they know where Italy is. It is a great video to put in to perspective for children where Italy is actually located on a map or on a globe. This could lead to a discussion about who Marco Polo is since many children probably know of the game named after him.


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