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Italy Project

Very expensive to buy solar panels. Even the storage is expensive.Solar energy is not very efficient. This means that the solar panels have a hard time converting the energy to electricity. The system can only convert 22% of the energy that the sun gives out. Solar energy doesn’t work at night so it is not constant and they have to store the energy somewhere at night.It takes up a lot of space because it is very bulky and wide. Also, storage is very expensive for solar energy.


No greenhouse gases are getting spread throughout the atmosphere.Solar energy is free. Instead of using raw material such as coal and oil, they use the sun which lasts forever and doesn’t cost anything. The resource is very abundant. The surface of the earth receives 120,000 terawatts of sunlight. That's 20,000 times more power than what is needed to supply the entire world. It reduces electricity costs. Homeowners can reduce their overall electricity expenses by going solar.

Italy's Energy Demand, Future Plans and Comparison to the U.S.

Italy’s current energy demands is about 5,514.79 kilowatts an hour of electricity. Italy's oil and elctricity energy demand is decreasing. Italy's current energy demand can affect the ecosystem by polluting all of the country with oil. Fortunately, Italy is going towards a sustainable community where there will be less CO2 products going to the atmosphere. The country is trying to use more solar, wind, hydroelectrical and geothermal energy sources.

Energy Demand:

The changes on the renewable energy plan will reflect on the area in future by not giving out a lot of greenhouse gases as before. The future energy plan is to use more solar energy. By using solar energy, people will save money on electricity and it will make the community a more natural place.Organisms that live underground and underwater will live a better lifestyle because people won't be mining a lot which could endanger organisms. The country will implement solar panels on land that is uncovered or unused.

Future Plans:

The U.S. compares to my country, Italy, because both of their top three sources are non renewable sources. They also both use solar, wind, and geothermal energy.United States current energy trends are increasing. A majority of their energy source production and consumption such as fossil fuels, nuclear electric energy, and renewable resources are increasing.Italy’s carbon footprint value is 12.73 while the United States value is 26.46. The U.S. could improve their carbon footprint by using the plan and using solar energy or any renewable resource of their interest.

Comparison to the U.S.:




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