Italy - Christmas

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Italy - Christmas

How they celibrate

Christmas in ItalyBy: Anna Grimes

Video about an italian Christmas


In Italy the traditional food to eat on Christmas Eve is fish and vegetables. Italians call it Giorno Di Magro or meatless day, to purify your body. For dessert they eat Zuppa Ingiese or English soup.

Christmas is celebrated for many weeks by Christians.They start in early December until January 6th, the day of Epiphany. During this time people buy tickets to see a festive midnight mass in front of St. Peters Cathedral in Vatican City.The Pope is the speaker at the mass.Throughout December the atmosphere is jolly. The Italian people explore different Christmas festivals and Christmas markets. On Dec. 6th, kids write letters to Saint Nicholas asking for gifts. They hang stockings or put a plate on the table on Christmas Eve. St. Nick brings good children toys and candy and bad children get treats and a lump of coal. Prepese, the Navity scene, is put in churches, houses and townsquares. It is one of the most important Christmas decorations in the world, because it shows the birth of Jesus Christ.

Zuppa ingeise

pictures of the festivals

My Choice~Christmas is Taken very siriously in Italy~ many bands play during the festivities~ People even travel to different places Just to see the Christmas trees

Zuppa ingeise

Italian Family Celebrating

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