Italy and Greece

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Italy and Greece

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parthenon:is located in athens and was dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena. It is a sign of power

leaning tower of piza: took 800 years to finish, and was built as a bell tower for the catheridal of Piza



the areopagus: translated means "Ares Rock" and crimal cases were heald here. Ares trial here for the murder of Alirrothios.

temple of hephaestus :is a temple that was built by Ictinus in honor of patron god hehaestus ( god of craftmanship)

colosseum:in rome and is an ampitheater where the would hold meetings and plays

Flourence Cathedral: it is the main church in Flourence adn began in 1296and till 1367 changed many times.

GATE GFLIGHT 7a leaving at 7:15 am arriving at 5:15 pm (give or take a few minutes)DESTINATION ITALY

GATE I FLIGHT 77bleaving at 4:30 amarriving at 12:30 pm (give or take a few minutes)DESTINATION GREECE


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