Italy - Amazing Place

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Italy - Amazing Place

Italy Amazing Place

Italian Holidays:The Epiphany - January 6Libertation Day - April 25May Day - May 1Festival of the Republic - June 2Ferragosto - August 15The Immaculate Conception - December 8Feast of St. Stephen - December 26

Famous Landmarks- Accademia Gallery in Florence- Basilica of San Vitale-Canals in Venice-Capri Island-Colosseum-Florence and it's landscape-Leaning Tower of Pisa-Palatine Hill-Pantheon


Italian - the language of love!

Clothing - There is no formal dress code in Italy. However, Italians are all about respect when choosing an outfit for a specific occassion or event. For example, no shorts or tank tops for men in the evening and ladies have to be covered when going to churches such as the Vatican. Also, Italians view your style and elegence by your overall appearance, so looking your best is a must here!

The weather in Italy varies pretty dramatically throughout the year. Plus, with the long coastlines and mountain ranges, the temperature can change in a matter of minutes as you go from town to town. Like the United States, the winters are the coldest and August is the month that has the highest overall temperatures for the year.

95% of people stay home on Sundays and eat as much as humanly possible instead of going out!

Popular Foods In Italy:PizzaPastaRisottoMinestroneZuppe di PesceParmesan CheeseItalian GelatoZuppa di CozzeMeat and Fish Dishes


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