Italian Music and Dance

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Italian Music and Dance

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Italy~ Music and Dance



Tarantella Dance

Italian Folk Music

Italian folk music has a very complicated history. It is usually sung in dialect and is sometimes referred to as "root music." The folk music is different depending on which region it comes from. There are four different types of Italian Folk Music; Northern and Central, Southern, Sicilian, and Sardina.


Northern and Central- music is based on roots and mid-evil song poetrySouthern- music is mostly religious basedSicilian- music is very different; music includes Christian religious, work and harvest songsSardinia- music has most cultural inspired music

The instruments that are most commonly used in Italian Folk Music are the accordion, double flute, tambourine, guitar and mandolin.

In the 15th or 17th century, a tarantism spread throughout the town Taranto in Italy. The tarantism is what happens when you get bitten by a poisonous tarantula spider. Once the person was bitten, most likely a woman, the victim would fall into a trance This trance could only be cured by a wildly, excited dance. People would surround the victim and play music and dance. Each beat would cause a different movement of the victim, and it was almost a fact that they would be cured. This is why the dance is referred to as the Tarantella.

How it's Done

The Tarantella is danced at Italian weddings, parties, and celebrations. It is still danced today, but mostly at weddings.

Italian folk music is most commonly played at practically anytime, especially at celebrations. It is still played today, but the origins of the music are now more identifiable now that the styles are based on where they are on the country's map.

Folk Music!

How to Tarantella

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