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Italian Club Glog - L'Unione Italiana

The L'Unione Italiana which is also known as the italian Club of Ybor City has come to symbolize the pride and determination of the Italian immigrants who came to Tampa in the late 1800's tl early 1900's in search of a new life from their native homelands. Those immigrantswho took the leap of faith to find their new American dreambrought with them many customs from their homelands. Upon arrival in Tampa, many families were left to create new identities for themselves as well as finding z new line of work. The italian immigrants needed help with basic necessities like health care and the costs of funeral expenses for their families. The Italin Club was created in part to provide those services to its members as providing a sense of community. The Italian Club instituted the Sicilian funeral customes in their own and adapted them to those of Ybor City. In 1900, the Italian Club purchased a piece of land and imported cypress trees to create a cemetery setting similar to that of their homeland for their members. Originally each member would donate $1 to the grieving family. Later the club was able to offer a $ 300 death benefit to each family and as membership increased that amount was incresaed to $ 928 by 1928.As the membership increased, plans were made to build a permanent clubhouse. Plans were announced to the members in 1910 and the new clubhouse was completed in 1912 at a cost of $ 40,000 and dedicated on Columbus Day. Three years after its completion the clubhouse was destroyed by fire. The strong pride of the Italian community was tested and construction of the new clubhouse began in 1917. When the clubhouse was completed its cost had exceeded $ 80,000. The amount was impressive at the time because of the outbreak of WWI and the fact that other Italian clubs were raising money for the war effort. The new design of the clubhouse was magnificent. It was built in the Renaissance style with columns, terra cotta relief and plenty of marble throughout. The clubhouse had a cantina, a dance hall, movie theater, bowling alley and many recreational rooms as well. The completion of the clubhouse not only strengthened the Italian community, but it stands as a monument to their achievements.The spirit of the Italian community in Tampa is just as strong today as it was over 100 years ago. Membership is at an all time high and its sense of bringing the community together can be seen with its annual celebrations like Fiesta Day and Festa Italiana that draw crowds in excess of 10,000 annually


April 1894 - Founding of L'Unione Italiana1910 - Purchase of land for Italian Club Cemetery1912 - Dedication of Original Italian Clubhouse on Columbus Day1917 - Construction of new Italian Clubhouse after fire destroyed the first Italian Club in 1913yyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Name

Founding of L'Unione Italiana in April of 1894, which included 116 Italian and 8 Spanish members.Club purchased land for use as a cemetery for its members as well as establishing a death benefit payment for each club member.Construction of new clubhouse in 1917 that is still in use today.

Lasting Impact

The Italian community's sense of family helped create a club that to this day still embodies the same principles and traditions set by the founders of L' Unione Italiana. The timline represented by this exhibit bgins with its founding in1894 and continues through present day. I learned about this exhibit through my great uncle who is a past president of the club. I think that historians may interpret the items in my exhibit as a tribute to their sense of family and community. My exhibit shows thats people can succeed in aything they want to and that the Italians loyalty to hard work and family also shows that anything is possible.


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L'Unione Italiana




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