Italian Canadians

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Italian Canadians

Italian Canadians

The jobs of the italian canadians: -shoemaking-carpentry-farmers-stonemasons-bricklayers-excavators-barbers-tailors

Italian food:-pizza-risotto -polenta -pasta, and tomato sauce-Pastaserved with a white cheese -sauce in the northtomato-based -Prosciutto ham-Zelten cakes, -struffoli

Challanges faced by the Italian Imagrants:-Italians served in the military-fascism was directed against Italian Canadians-peasant farms- poverty, -poor health - educational conditions -heavy taxation -shortages of food-fuel-clothing

Why did the Italians come:-Canadian governments -preference for immigrants-Canadian companies -Canadian Pacific Railwaywork

Area of settlement:-Montreal-Toronto

Dates for the Italian imagration:-QUÉBEC 1865 - 1921-MONTRÉAL 1925 - 1935-HALIFAX 1881 - 1922-NORTH SYDNEY 1925 - 1935-VANCOUVER 1905 - 1922 -VANCOUVER AND VICTORIA 1925 - 1935


The train passangers

A Family bakery

The Italian Canadian Military

The Italian Canadians working on the railway.

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A Italian Canadian Family.


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