It takes two to lingo

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It takes two to lingo

Stages of First Language Acqusition1. Babbling2. One-Word Stage3. Two-Word Stage4. Telegraphic Stage5. Multiword Stage

It takes two to LINGO

Stages of Second Language Acquisition1. Pre Production2. Early Production3.Speech Emergence4. Intermediate Fluency5. Advanced Fluency

The first languge that a child learns is the language that is spoken to them in their home.

What does blingual mean?

Bilingualism is the ability for a person to speak two languages fluently!

Even if only one language is spoken, both languages are active in a bilingual person's brain!!

Language Acquisition vs. Learning

Knowledge of one's first language is the foundation for learning a second language. A person's ability could have postive and negative effects on their second language learning. A learner may pass errors from their first language on to their second language.

Children who are bilingual or exposed to more than one language in the home tend to be more effective communicators than monolingual children. (Hustad, 2015)

"The idea that children exposed to two languages from birth become confused or that they fall behind monolingual children is a common misconception. There is absolutely no evidence that bilingual acquisition leads to confusion, and there is no evidence that bilingual acquisition leads to delay."Janet Werker,

Social Interactionist Learning TheoryChildren learn language through modeling and support provided by adults and older children around them.

Learning-Intentionally taught-Focuses on rules of grammer rather than communication.- Often involves memorization.

Acquisiton- Happens naturally-Language becomes a form of communication.

A toddler acquires the language spoken in his or her home and can carry on a converstation fluently with others who soeak the same language. A highschooler is learning a new language and can pass a written test based on what they have learned but cannot carry a converstation with a person who speaks that language fluently.

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