It´s Time to Chile!

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It´s Time to Chile!

If you come to Chile:- You must visit the National Parks.- You should take a pic to Pudú (left) that it is a typical animal.- You should know that Araucarias (rigth) are native trees and were declared National Monument.

In the beginning, God created the world's wonders. However, when he finished he realized that there were many loose pieces. He had parts of rivers and valleys, glaciers and deserts, mountains and forests and meadows and hills. Rather that these wonders were lost, God placed them in the most remote place on earth. This is how Chile went created.

Places that you should visit

You must not go without before eat the most typical and delicious chilean food, like: - Empanadas - Mote con Huesillo - Humitas - AnticuchosAnd much more food !!

"Tic-toc"¡Is Time to Chile!

When you dont know where you can go, we can tell you some wonderful places that you should visit:1.- Salto el Laja, VIII Region (blue pushpin)2.- Reloj de Flores, Viña del Mar, V Region (light brown pushpin)3.- Isla de Pascua, V Region (green pushpin)4.- Chiloé, X Region (red pushpin)5.- Valle de la Luna, II Region (grey pushpin)6.- National Park Torres del Paine, XII Region(purple pushpin)

Enjoy !

- Mauren Rosales R.- Sheryl Díaz M. 3'B


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