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ISTC Marco Polo


1254 - Born1271 - Voyage to Emporer's land1292 - Sumatra to Sri Lanka to southern India to the Persian Gulf. Then to the Constantinople and Venice1295 - Returned home1324- Died

Lasting Impact

~ Was the first to leave detailed chronicles of his travels in China~ His writings inspired Christopher Columbus and many other explorers~ Influenced European cartography~ Polo's descriptions of his Asian travels along the Silk Road aroused desire in Westerners to explore the East~ Greatly influenced European navigation


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Marco Polo



By: Brooke Hartner and Maria Skowronski

~ Travelled with father and uncle to East Asia on diplomatic mission to visit court of Kublai Khan (grandson of Genghis Kahn) ~ Marco revelled in travel and exploration: his written accounts of the Orient provided the Western World with its first clear picture of the East's geography and ethnic customs~ Was employed by Kahn as an envoy: was sent to Burma, India, Tibet... places never visited by Europeans ~ Served as governor of a Chinese city ~ Was tax inspector for city of Yanzhou ~ Came to be known as an ethnographer and anthropologist

Jeffrey Lewis- "Marco Polo"

“History states that the explorer, Marco Polo, was lost and he thought he heard his family calling his name, ‘Marco’ and he replied with ‘Polo’.”


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