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Istanbul Infographic


This is Istanbul!

Terkos Lake- One of Isatnbul's main water bodies.

This is a photo of Youth Day celebrations.

CLIMATE!Istanbul has a humid subtropical climate, meaning that the weather is mild and that there is no dry season. Summers are hot and muggy and there is year-round rainfall. Summer thuderstorms are frequent and winters are mild

This an standard Istanbul women in everyday clothes.

Mt Ararat is a famous mountain that is located very close to Istanbul. The mountain is at 5 137 m elevation and is the tallest mountain in the vicinity of Istanbul.

Fast Facts!The distance between Perth and Istanbul is 12 024km!The per capita income in Istanbul is GDP (PPP) 9 949

LIFESTYLE!In Istanbul, Youth day is a big celebration as 80% of the population is under 35. Women as a part of their religion were closed clothes. Women go to the spice market on weekends to purchase ingredients for their cooking.

Istanbul is surrounded by forest on it's north side.

Istanbul's Water BodiesIstanbul has quite a few main rivers and seas. Some of these water bodies are Terkos Lake, Kucukcemece Lake, Buyukcemece Lace, Riva River, Black Sea and Aegean Sea.

Fast Facts - ... Istanbul's population is approximately 13 255 685 people - ... Forests are the main vegetation in and around Istanbul.

This is Mt Ararat!


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