I.S.S (me and dylan)

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I.S.S (me and dylan)

- The I.S.S is powered by a solar panel array that can cover the U.S senate building 3 times over!- The cost of the I.S.S is 150 BILLION USD- The max speed is 27,000MPH- The I.S.S only travels 17.150 MPH


The I.S.S is over 239FT long and 356FT wide! As new sections come up to the I.S.S, astronuat's have to move and nudge the other sections to make a seamless seal or the I.S.S air could all escape into space.

Some people that went to the I.S.SJoseph M. Acaba (twice)Viktor AfanasyevScott D. AltmanClayton C. Anderson (twice)Dominic A. Antonelli (twice)Lee J. Archambault (twice)Richard R. ArnoldOleg Artemyev Jeffrey S. Ashby (twice)

the I.S.S has 1852 spacewalks from when it was built to now!!

The I.S.S is a habitable space station and the first section was lanched in 1998 to earths low obit. As the years went by, more sections where lanched up to the first section . The I.S.S has over 100 russian lunches and landings!

The astronomical International Space Station (I.S.S)


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