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Social Studies

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IsraelAlexia Salmanca Period 112\18\14

Major Religion:Jewish 75.1%

MajorEthnicGroups:Jewish 75.1% (73.6% Israel born)Europe\American\Oceania born 17.9%Non-Jewish 24.9% (mostly Arab)


Area:20,770 sq km

Official LanguagesHebrew (official)Arabic (officially used in Arab minority)

Israel's Landscape

Natural Resorces in Israel

Major Imports in Israel

Agricultural Products in Israel

Major Exports in Israel

Reletives of Jewish holocaust victims lay roses on the names of the concerntration camps they were located at .

Map of Israel

Israel's Flag

Caplital of Israel: Jerusalem

Bourekas can be made from either phyllo dough or puff pastry and can be filled with a variety of different fillings. the most popular fillings are salty cheese, mashed potato, mushrooms, spinach, eggplant and pizza-flavor.

ParagraphThe impact that oil has had on Israel has striked a conflict between Israel and it's neighbors (Lebanon, and Syria); there has also been a positive effect on Israel's new finding of oil. The new oil finding has helped keep Israel from asking other countries for energy sources and from loosing more and more money. Since tha the new rigs were placed so closley to the borders of nieghboring countries there has been a 'war' over who should get the resources. There were also riots in the cities about how much oil should or should not be exported to other counteries. This is how oil has impacted Israel.


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