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Jerusalem, known as the Holy City, Is Israel's capital city. It is the most important place for three religions. It is important to the Jews because of the Western Wall, the most significant place to the Jewish people. This city also important to the Christians And Muslims. This is because of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. There is also the shrine on the Temple Mount.

This here is Mount Hermon. Israel's highest point. At 9,230 feet, skiers, of course, will head straight for Mount Hermon in winter. Some other people prefer to walk can also have a ball there. You'll have a superb view of the mountains of: Galilee, the Golan, and southern Lebanon. It is also one of the only places in Israel where it usually snows.

Israel is located in the middle east. Its coordinates are 31.0000° N, 35.0000° E. It also borders parts of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Its area is 8,019 mi². A good nickname for Israel is "Home For the Jews." Israel's official language is Hebrew and Arabic, but people there speak some English and other languages.

The Dead Sea is another famous landmark in Israel. It is very facinating. This is because there is so much salt in the water, nothing can live there. Another cool thing the Dead Sea can do is that you can float without floaties or any equipment! I can even prove it because I've been there and it really works! That's what I call COOL!

Tel Aviv is a huge and popular city in Israel. It is cool and important for many reasons. The city is also known for its accessible beaches. Vibrant nightlife is ranging from Lilienblum Street’s lounges to Dizengoff Street’s open-air cafes. Tel Aviv also has paragliding. It looks fun because you can fly in the sky, anywere!

Yo Yo Yo, come to Israel, everything you see is really real!

By Ben Slutzky

Israeli Flag

Israel Highest and Lowest Points

Tel Aviv’s Gordon-Frishman Beach

Physical Map of Israel

Tel Aviv


Mount Hermon

Dead Sea



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