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Social Studies

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Country INFOName: State of IsraelCapital: JerusalemPopulation: 7,945,560Major Cities: Tel-Aviv, Yaffo, Haifa, Jericho, BeershebaResources: Phosphates, potash, bromine, magnisium, lithium, timber, sand, copper, fish, pearls, gems

Maccabi Tel-Aviv: Basketball

Ha Tikva: Israeli National Anthem

State of IsraelBy: Eric Glassman

Cultural INFOLanguages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, Yiddish, FrenchReligions: Judaisam, Islam, ChristianityFoods: Humas, shakshouka, cous cous, schnitzel, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogsEntertainment: Movies, concerts, sporting events, musicSports: Soccer, Krav Maga, basketball, tennis, chess, wind surfingMusic: Reggae, heavy metal, sheperdic music, belly dancing, jazz, pop rock, punk

GovernmentType of Gov: Parliamentary SystemLeader: Benjamin NetanyahuTravelCost: $7,024 per ticketPopular places to visit: Dead Sea, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Negev Desert, Mt. Masada, Tel Arad National Park, Under Water Observatory- Marine Park, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, The Israeli Opera, Israel Museum, Tower of David, Benjamin's Tomb

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