Israel & Palestine

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Israel & Palestine

Israel and Palestine

To the left, is a picture of the Israel flag.To the right, is the Palestine flag.

The video above shows the history and its past conflicts between Israel and Palestine.

The image above shows a timeline of the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Since 1947, Israel has taken the land of what was once Palestine.

Current Conflict- Who does the Gaza Strip and West Bank belong to?-Palestine wanting recognition- Maintaining an ethnic state

Resolutions- two-state solution- one-state solution- peace process

History- 1948, Israeli and Palestinian conflict started- Palestine to gain their "homeland" from the Jews- It started when Jews came to Palestine and as more came, Israelis took over creating a new Israel.- As a result, the Palestinians lost the war.

Before the conflict in 1948, Muslim Palestinians made up the majority of the population with 86% and the Jewish only 4%.


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