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Israel for Real Demo

Link to Israel's Flora & Fauna

Link to Israel For Real Assignment 2012

Link to Israel Maps and Tours

Link to create graphs for your trip's budget

Israel Ministary Of Tourism

To view biblical inspiration for Israel's Emblem click on Emblem and read Zechariah 4:2 & 4:6

Israel is located in Southwest Asia between the Mediterranean and the deserts of Syria and Arabia. The country's geographical borders are the Mediterranean to the West, the Jordan Valley Rift to the East, the mountains of Lebanon to the North with Eilat Bay marking the country's southern tip. Although small in territory, Israel's landscape and climate are varied, and its dense population does not interfere with a wealth of plants and wildlife, as well as many natural attractions.

To find a flight click here

poster yourself

Extreme Fun Adventures

Restaurants in Israel

Dear 6th Grade Students,We can't wait to join you on YOUR Israel For Real learning journey this year!All your work will create life-long memories and the desire to experience Israel for Real .The 6th Grade Team

A Sabra (cactus) is a symbol of a typical Israeli – tough and resilient on the surface, while having a soft and caring inside

Israel's Museums

Graphing your Budget

Link to English Assignment

IFR Poems for English Section

Tel Aviv Song

Eilat Song

Galil Song


Negev Song

Dead Sea Song

Golan Song

Jerusalem Song

Click to hear music for IFR poems


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