Ism Project: Christianity

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Ism Project: Christianity

"Ism" Project:ChristianityAubrey Dunigan

Christianity...Provides a sense of hope for people as well as opportunity to serve others. Christ gives meaning to a person's life and works to strengthen individuals. However, there are aspects of Christianity that work against, which causes oppression. Christians are labeled as 'gay haters' and are rejected for their inability to conform to cultural norms. Christians who choose to not particpate in certain activities are also rejected from specific groups of people.

"Gay Haters"Christians are viewed as "gay haters" who do not support the LGBT population. Article:

Cutlural NormsThere are times when Christians do not agree with cultural norms & society views Christians as "wrong" or "rejectful of others."

Gay Haters

OpportunityI have been given three opportunities to travel and share Jesus with people in Haiti.

RejectionWhen Christians do not agree with certain activies and choose not to participte, people choose to reject us. A person's faith can cause friendships to end and create friction.

Cultural Norms

A Source of Hope

SupportThe church provides support and a place where Christians can associate with others to strengthen their relationship with Christ.


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