Ism Project: Being a Women

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Ism Project: Being a Women

"Ism" ProjectBeing a Women: Erika Sue York

The Glass Ceiling Women are less likely to be promoted in the workfield to CEO positions than men. This is a form of oppression because it enables men to receive higher pay and authoritative positions. This directly relates to my life because my Mother was once passed for a promotion so a male who was less qualified could take it. This impact my families financial status greatly, however we could not prove such a descrete action was taken. READ MORE AT THIS LINK

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The Gender Gap is a real issue in our society that isn't talked about enough. As a woman very close to starting her career, I am troubled and nervous about facing such an unfair situation. This is a form of oppression because women are being cheated out of equal pay because men have a fear or women being superior to them.

It is a privilege for me to be able carry my own child. Having children is a gift from God and I greatly look forward to the time in my life when I can become a mother. The opportunity to bring a new life into the world is not something everyone can do.

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Beauty standards in our society are unrealistic, women are oppressed when they are held to such false expectations and creates very negative outcomes. I can directly relate to this, in my years growing up I often felt as if I was not good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc. I have not ever had a slim body type and many times have strived to desperate measures to fit those women who are the image of beauty in our society.

Rights to children are more likely to be given to the mother. This is a privilege because society has a positive preconceived assumpiton about mothers being better care givers which relates direcly to rights to children in the eyes of the law. This relates direclty to me because my Mother was given full custody of me when I was younger. It was then up to her discretion weather I saw my father.

Women are more approachable and compassionate than men, this creates privilege in every encounter they have. As a women I do not have to consider if someone will feel threaten by me, or if I try to engage in conversation how they will interpet my words. Research suggests that women are genetically more likely to have a compassionate respose. This is because of more activity in the cerebellum which controls our bodies judgements, selective atteniton and experiences. Read more at this link.


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