Islands of Hawaii

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Islands of Hawaii

The first hawaiians came from Polyneisa. But later as time came by waves of immigrants sstarted to come from all of the world from places like the United States, China, Korea, Japan, The Philipines and many more places. This is how Hawaii became more populated soon becomeing a veary popular vacation spot.

When you travel to Hawaii the first thing you would see is all of the beautiful flowers all over the land with different colors and apperence. But one flower in particular hold the spot for hawaiis state flower the Hawaiian hibiscus. This state flower is in a varitey of diiferent colors such as: red,pink,yellow and orange with may more!

Islands of Hawaii

The beginning of Hawaii

By: Faith Wilson

We all know that times are different in different places but what timezone is Hawaii? Eastern? Pacific? Neither. Because Hawaii has their own time zone without daylight savings. So how do you find the time? Well Hawaii is 2 hours behind Pacific and 5 hours behind Eastern.

Hawaii's state nickname is "Aloha State," because aloha is one of the most used words in Hawaii. Aloha in Hawaiian means hello and good bye.

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That Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee!

Did you know?

The state flower

Time flies fast

Fun Fact!

Hawaii is the only U.S state that has a tropical rainforest.


The big island is 42 acers bigger each year becuse of the eruptions of the Kilauea volcaneo.

The big island

The Hawaiian hibiscus

A sunset in Hawaii

The Hawaiian flag

Kilauea volcaneo


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