[2014] Nia Mayes: Islands

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Social Studies

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[2014] Nia Mayes: Islands

IslandsBy:Nia Mayes

Island Definition:An Island landform is an area of land smaller than a continent that is surrounded by water.

Some places that are Islands is~Hawii, Qatar, and Manhattan,NY

An island landform is land that is completely surrounded by water. It can be any type of land. The island can also be surrounded different types of water such as a sea, ocean, river and lake.

An island has 2 main characteristics1. Area of land2. Surrounded by water

How an island is formedWhen you take a look at the islands of Hawaii, they were formed by volcanoes. Volcanoes would keep erupting causing land to start to form under water. This land would keep on rising up as the volcano erupted


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